September 29, 2016

Campus ministry

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When my MCC staff team leader and friend Nathan McDade spoke last weekend, he mentioned Georgia Tech Christian Campus Fellowship as a catalyst in the spiritual journey of a not-yet-believing friend, and in his own journey in Christ-like serving. My oldest nephew also experienced a aimilar life-trajectory-change through Penn State Cru. Though my two older daughters have both followed the footsteps of my wife and I to Cincinnati Christian University, Nathan’s testimony shows how the Spirit continues to move in the lives of collegians at faith-based colleges and at secular universities!


September 27, 2016

God’s Frat Party – Delta

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MCC Bel Air campus pastor Nathan McDade continued our revisit of God’s Frat Party with doulos – Koine Greek for servant or slave (letter Δ delta) Pair of Nathan’s memorable quotes below, and my favorite longer illustration is from the thirty-seven minute mark in the message, as he reflects on his Georgia Tech days and the difference between worldly fraternities and the servant-hearted Jesus followers in GTCCF campus ministry “I consider it one of the greatest honors of my life and one of the highest and holiest moments that I got to hold the towel for him on the day of his baptism.”

and the Event notes

September 21, 2016

Online campus in the news

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As MCC gets closer to public beta for its online campus, a Cincinnati-area megachurch made the business pages for its spending for Crossroads Anywhere. Though our family will visit middle daughter at Cincinnati Christian University in few weeks, we’re probably not worshipping with Crossroads at any of its six in-person campuses, or online. Even away from Harford Co, I’m still “on duty” during the beta test as our team works through some glitches 😉

September 18, 2016

God’s Frat Party – Kappa

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Ben Cachiaras continued MCC’s “God’s Frat Party” series by speaking on the deep fellowship among Jesus followers = Koinonia (Greek letter kappa Κ ) and the quote below is from Ben’s illustration that like Legos™, Christians aren’t meant to be on our own, but connected together to make something bigger 😉

And the Event notes for Bible verses and more highlight quotes.

September 15, 2016

Shadow of the real thing

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Thought-provoking article in The Atlantic “A Less Lonely Way to Lose Your Faith” about secular movement trying to replicate the community of church life, but without God. MCC’s current series “God’s Frat Party” is, in some ways, a rebuttal to trying to replace authentic, Spirit-imbued koinonia with artificial trappings: “And yet, ironically, Oasis and groups like them—such as the nonreligious Sunday Assembly—are organized in ways that resemble a church”

One melancholy note in the article is the paragraph on Bart Campolo, former evangelical pastor, son of well-known evangelical teacherTony Campolo.Bart C is around my age, and Tony C was one of my favorite Christian communicators. Tragically, Bart C i representative of millions of Americans who are sojourning away from the body of Christ

September 11, 2016

God’s Frat Party

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MCC re-booted “God’s Frat Party” = our way of expressing our core values of Loving God, Loving People, and Serving the World through the three Koine Greek words koinonia, doulos, proskuneo (kappa delta pi ΚΔπ) For more detailed resources (including group study guide from the 2010 version

Here’s the current Event note.

September 5, 2016

High Tech Low Touch

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Ironies abound because I’m posting a cluster of hi-tech resources to MCC Glocal pastor Tom Moen‘s message cautioning about Christians becoming too “High Tech [but] Low Touch” One of his heart-tugging stories was about MCC partner Remember The Children‘s Andy Baker visiting Romanian orphanages, filled with children suffering from the lack of loving human touch and care. For Scripture verses from Tom’s message, Event note.