September 15, 2016

Shadow of the real thing

Posted in better disciples at 7:37 PM by alexlozada

Thought-provoking article in The Atlantic “A Less Lonely Way to Lose Your Faith” about secular movement trying to replicate the community of church life, but without God. MCC’s current series “God’s Frat Party” is, in some ways, a rebuttal to trying to replace authentic, Spirit-imbued koinonia with artificial trappings: “And yet, ironically, Oasis and groups like them—such as the nonreligious Sunday Assembly—are organized in ways that resemble a church”

One melancholy note in the article is the paragraph on Bart Campolo, former evangelical pastor, son of well-known evangelical teacherTony Campolo.Bart C is around my age, and Tony C was one of my favorite Christian communicators. Tragically, Bart C i representative of millions of Americans who are sojourning away from the body of Christ


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