October 7, 2016

Illustrations from Science on Data Analysis

Posted in better disciples at 12:33 PM by alexlozada

I’m hoping to post more about analysis-applying-to-ministry. This article, “Understanding Data Analysis Using 8 Scientific Tools” from ESRI’s ArcUser Fall 2016 combines my interest in technology and data thought with the use of storyteller type of illustrations. Jesus’teaching stories often used familiar objects like fishing nets (Matthew 13:47-51) to make memorable points about discipleship. Of Susan Zillinger’s scientific tools, this quote about mirrors often applies to analysis in my MCC data work:

Analytics is more meaningful to people when they understand the data within their own context. However, there is a danger in relying on our own point of reference. Many times, we think we understand our own neighborhood simply because we live there. This may introduce biases into our analytical process.


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