October 20, 2016

Religious freedoms leashed

Posted in better disciples at 4:59 PM by alexlozada

Popular culture prefers to highlight restrictions and impositions on Christians as correcting the intolerance of evangelicals. This National Review article “Religious Freedom? A judge bands a Jewish ritual in California” and this UK Daily Telegraph article ,”As a gay man, I’m horrified that Christian bakers are being forced to surrender their beliefs show that the governmental powers of this dark world are chaining all kinds of faiths. On a related note, Zineb El Rhazoui, the Charlie Hebdo journalist who survived the 9 Jan 2015 terrorist attack because she was away from their office thatday, writes about “Destroy Islamic Facism.” El Rhasouis is herself Muslim, and denounces indiscriminate apologists for radical Islam:”When we apply Islam to the letter it gives Islamism, and when we apply Islamism to the letter it gives terrorism. So we need to stop saying Islam is a religion of peace and love. What is a moderate Islamist? An Islamist who doesn’t kill?”


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