October 25, 2016

Halloween – sigh

Posted in better disciples at 10:28 AM by alexlozada

I have several good family-saturated memories from Halloweens past: trick-or-treating with my two younger sisters in a “nicer” neighborhood half-mile away from the government housing projects couple of blocks down; my girls in costume for events at Pulaski Road School, Northport Christian Preschool,and our East Northport neighborhood trick-or-treating; several MCC Trunk or Treat events (including prize-winning Minions-themed one); and giving away candy in costume as a wacky (computer) scientist… speaking of– MCC again has Trunk or Treat at all three campuses (decorated car-SUV-truck trunks AND #UnleashCandy still needed!) 16971355655_a111bdcaf8_o.jpg
As an introvert, this isn’t my favorite kind holilday;-) Two more Jesus follower persepctives worth considering:
Bob Russell on Christians -vs- Halloween ” I’m of the opinion that Christians are wise not to waste spiritual ammunition on insignificant skirmishes. We can expend a lot of energy campaigning against Halloween and our kids eventually get the impression that we’re fun-hating legalists who are against everything.”

From the Verge Network “Simeple Ways to Be Missional This Halloween”


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