April 1, 2008

Growing U – Church History books

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My teammate Ethan Magness loaned me 2 good books that I’m using as prep for MCC’s Making More & Better Disciples in the Church History.

Church History: an Essential Guide by Justo L Gonzalez

Church History in Plain Language by  Bruce Shelley

MCC member (and former president of Lincoln Chr College – East Coast, and church history scholar) Dr Robin Underhill recommended Turning Points: Decisive Moments in Church History by Mark Noll

I confess the one I’m using the most is by my church history professor from Cincinnati Chr University, Dr James North A History of the Church from Pentecost to Present.  While part of my reliance is probably sentimental, Dr North’s writing is accessible to everyday Christians, and he includes thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter.


March 31, 2008

Growing U – Church History weblinks

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I’m way behind on posting, but I’ve just started teaching a new Growing U class on how the church made (or failed to make) more and better disciples through her history.

Here are a few links I’ve used to prep thus far:

Robertson’s Sketches of Church History

Theology Website Church History resources

Church History Timeline

Spurgeon.org’s Hall of Church History