April 27, 2011

#Exponential 2nd hand

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I’m NOT at Exponential (church planter conference) this year, but some of my MCC teammates are, including  Rob Kastens – check this post from his new blog. I didn’t see live-stream of the main sessions on the Exponential website as they have in past years, but the Twitter feed (hashtag #Exponential) provides enough real-time quotes & impressions for someone like me who prefers reading text to listening live – especially since my hearing aids sometimes can’t handle the booming amplification at stadium events 🙂 For example, teammate Betsy Magness‘ tweet, “it’s a leaders job to help people see themselves as God intended them to be. @AlanHirsch” – insightful reminder to small group leaders that we do more than teach content or coordinate social activities!

I realize my post yesterday about Orange Conference might have confused people – I’m not there in Atlanta, nor Orlando for Exponential, or even Johnson City 🙂 This is an at-home week for me, though Heather is traveling to Ohio for an extended weekend w/ her parents, helping them get their house ready for sale so they can move to Maryland this summer! I confess that I’m much more looking forward to dad-daughters time the next few days than I traveling, even to events as energizing as Exponential or  Orange 🙂


January 31, 2010

Tony Dungy “Higher Calling” moral authority that reaches out

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On a football season Sunday without a professional game (no, the Pro Bowl doesn’t count 🙂 ) an insightful ESPN article on Tony Dungy.  Coach Dungy balances

being a better disciple In the article Dr Harry Edwards says of him, “If you asked me, ‘Is there one person who you do not feel who would betray that trust?’ it would be Tony Dungy,” Edwards says. “And I’m a person who doesn’t believe there are any angels or saints down here. All the saints are dead, all the angels in heaven. Post-Tiger, at some level, we manage to blow it one way or another, but if there is one person, it would be him, and I’m so grateful and happy that he’s here.”

and reaching to make more disciples even and especially those that might seem far from God. “I always ask [the person he’s trying to reach] about religion because it gives me a direction of where they need to go,” he said. “If they say it’s something I’ve considered, then we can talk about it, because maybe there is a lesson the Lord may be trying to teach. If someone says religion isn’t really important in my life or they aren’t of the Christian faith, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop dealing with them. It just means I have to go about it in a different way.”

UPDATE: MCC Men’s ministry used Dungy’s Quiet Strength DVDmen’s group study materials for our Second Saturday Men’s Breakfast.  Coach Dungy will speak at the upcoming RED ZONE Men’s Conference on Saturday 17 April 2010.

April 15, 2009

multi-site both/and multiplying disciplers

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Today’s pastoral staff meeting balanced “both/and” . . . .

Celebrating Good Friday + Easter “yay God!” stories AND acknowledging ways that our staff didn’t go the extra mile to make all 8 services “as Mountain as they could be.”

The Spirit is opening some exciting doors for possible campuses elsewhere in Harford County “both/and” the perfect fit of what our hard-working search team has sought all along AND the perfect stretch of an opportunity beyond our racial zone.

At the same meeting we explored the short-term programming challenges to multi-site (need more volunteers, more equipment even on tight budget), we “both/and” talked about the challenge of remembering our call to go beyond merely programming.  Making better disciples through meaningful, intentional, spiritually-insightful-question-asking relationships is why MCC has groups.  Mac Lake, of multi-site Seacoast Church, writes about orienting towards discipling (rather than programming) in these blog posts.

March 28, 2009

MCC Message Boards go Beyond the Walls

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MCC is introducing a new tool in our mission to be like the church of Acts 4:34-37 and Acts 6:1-7, experimenting with ways “beyond the norm” to care and reach. As congregations like McLean Bible Church have blazed the trail, MCC is starting online message boards to provide space things like: networking for job applicants & openings, business listings, housing, etc. It’s an online site to post, “I need this, can anyone help me out?” AND “Here’s something I can give” – whether it’s free, for sale, or a way you can serve someone else.

This is NOT meant to compete w/ Craigslist, freecycle, local newspaper classifieds, Facebook, etc. but MCC does want to connect BEYOND what we’re able to do in our small groups and, ultimately, reaching BEYOND the walls of our church building.

ANYONE w/ internet access can browse the message boards, but you must register to be able to post messages. Both Mountain members and non-Mountain attenders will be able to register on the site. (This is a DIFFERENT registration than signing up for events elsewhere on the MCC website, but you can choose to register w/ the same username and password if that’s easier to remember). Use the care and wisdom you would use with any site on the internet.

This could also become a way for small groups & ministry teams at MCC to connect w/ others about events, needs, opportunities – especially as MCC continues to grow numerically & geographically. This is a tool we can use to care for own and also a resource to “walk across the room” and take Jesus’ mission “beyond the walls.”

March 26, 2009

Walk Across the Room goes Beyond the Walls

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MCC’s two most recent message series overlap in the results of this post from Ed Stetzer of LifeWay Research team. He writes about a recent 15k person survey whose key findings included:

  • “ways most willing to receive information about a local congregation”
    • 63% personal conversation w/ a family member
    • 56% personal conversation w/ a friend or neighbor from the church
  • “times you have been more open to consider matters of faith
    • 47% Christmas holiday season
    • 38% Easter holiday season
    • 38% after major national crisis such as 9/11

If people-Jesus-misses are most open to a Christian family/friend/neighbor during holiday season or national crisis, I better “walk across the room” before Apr 12.

March 6, 2009

Beyond the Great Omission Mar 8 – study guide UPDATED

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I finished this week’s study guide on time 🙂 so it’s already on the MCC website or you can download it directly.  Here are my notes from Ethan’s message.

February 21, 2009

Walk Across the Room – Feb 22 study guide

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MCC’s February message series wraps up w/ “Grander Vision Living.”  The study guide uses two stories from Luke 5, along with other Bible verse, to show us God’s grand vision for reaching those who are far away from Him.

February 20, 2009

Matthew parties

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As a resource for this Sunday’s message “Grander Vision Living” that concludes our “Walk Across the Room” series, my teammate Kristal Dove wrote these suggestions for hosting a Matthew party.  I also found posts from Wade Rogers and a Campus Crusade blog on the same topic.

Matthew parties are a good way to combine connecting with your fellow group members, and reaching the people-Jesus-misses-the-most.  If your MCC small group is planning a Matthew party, I’d enjoy reading about it.

September 30, 2008

Now is the time

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Ethan M is blogging his thoughts on each of the daily readings for MCC’s One Month to Live Challenge. Today’s Bible reading ends “now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” I sometimes connect Bible verses with songs, in this case Brian Doerksen’s Come, Now is the Time to Worship” In Ethan’s post, he correctly connects the “now is the time” urgency with God’s call to be ambassadors-communicators of the Good News.  Whole life worship is not just singing to God, but also sharing God with “the people Jesus missed the most.”

August 4, 2008

reflecting on Love NYC Day

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TylerM Tom M Sally C Darlene Taylor Alex L in front of Blender Theatre

TylerM Tom M Sally C Darlene Taylor Alex L in front of Blender Theatre

Five of us from MCC participated in Love NYC Day.  My strongest memory from the day is the feeling of powerlessness-frustration I felt when we ran out of free granola bars and water bottles to give away.  I had gotten such a “rush” from the puzzled smiles passers-by had given me, and I wanted to keep that “high” of making a (tiny) difference in brightening a rainy, humid, hectic NYC Saturday.

I rarely feel that eager and excited to share the love of God with passers-by or the people I see more often.  I need to feel more urgent and desperate about finding opportunities to share the life saving water and spiritual food of Jesus.

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