June 7, 2011

Road trip to DC Regional Chr Ch

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Heather, Abby & I drove 1.5 hours south last Sunday to hear a strong Christ-following discipleship message from lead pastor  Daryl Reed during our first-time visit to DC Regional Christian Church.  We also chatted a little with Steve Blake, staff leader of DC Regional college  ministry. Steve presented at last year’s Eastern Chr Conference on young adult ministry, Daryl is a main session speaker at this year’s North American Chr Convention. We enjoyed the a cappella worship led by Carlos Scott and DC Regional’s worship team (last year they combined w/ MCC’s team to lead worship at the NACC) – different musical style from what we experience most weekends, but still praising the same Lord! The morning served as a great reminder of “same but different” in God’s kingdom 🙂


April 2, 2011

Going Beyond in NYC – Metro Chr Convention 2011

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I presented 2 workshops last Saturday at an annual Saturday gathering of Restoration Movement Christians in the NYC region. My family & I have been participating in the Metro for years, way back to its early days when we would make the long drive from Ohio to participate. My two topics this year grew from the Convention theme of “Going Beyond in NYC” – itself an adaption from last year‘s  North American Chr Convention. You can download notes from the “Going Beyond in Discipleship” session (answer key at bottom of sheet). The “Going Beyond in Technology” was deliberately more free form, because I guessed that the participants would come w/ different levels of tech interest for themselves and their congregations. The discussion focused on:

  • using YouVersion (my specific user account including my notes) for an online Bible resource, including reading plans;
  • Twitter to communicate by texting, especially for congregations whose members used text more than email or web;
  • blogs for posting lessons and news 🙂

As readers of this blog can guess, we barely scratched the surface of using tech for ministry: databases, Facebook, security, etc. – but if anyone has thoughts, feel free comment on this post 🙂

July 6, 2010

NACC 2010: choices, choices!

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Familiar dilemma at the N American Chr Conventions – which of two (or more) attractive events do I attend? Both the Cincinnati Chr U reception and the Filipino & American Chr Convention “Filipiniana” celebration are tomorrow night 7 July. Sigh – I might try to catch a little bit of both, especially since Filipinos are known for starting (and ending) a little late 🙂 My wife correctly made the point that we’ll see many CCU friends throughout the convention (hint-hint, post a comment / ReTweet / FB “like” if you want my mobile number to text me during the convention!!!), while we’ll rarely be able to experience the Filipiniana.  The video has a taste of what we’ll enjoy tomorrow night (from the Kapwa dance group from Loyola University, coordinated by Rene Esmane)

May 21, 2010

NYC: great multitude no one could count – especially on the roads!

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Metro (NYC) Chr Convention 2010

attenders connecting after sessions at the Metro Chr Convention, including main speaker Clay Perkins (MACU)

Last month for the Metro Christian Convention, this time to drive oldest daughter and Heather as guests for a Long Island-style Sweet Sixteen = long-suffering through NYC traffic 😦 But worth it both times!

Dr James Hamer, minister @ East Northport Christian (where Heather & I served for 10 years), reflects:

The Metro Christian Convention . . . in Queens was truly a microcosm of the picture given by John: “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.” (Revelation 7:9) With regard to East Northport Christian Church, there is represented in our congregation: Romania, Russia, Italy, Philippines, Germany, Puerto Rico, and plain people like myself! (Maybe missed one or two)

Though the attendance of the Metro is only a tiny fraction of the North American Christian Convention or (larger fraction) of the Eastern Christian Convention , my guess is that proportionally, the Metro is the most ethnically diverse gathering in the Restoration Movement. I hadn’t been back since we moved to Maryland, but seeing many friends from days gone by made it worth the traffic 🙂

April 20, 2010

ServeFest 2010 OR Metro Chr Conv – choose only one

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Can’t be two places at once – often a ministry dilemma (occasionally a family one, too), especially at a thriving church like MCC. Here’s a recap of the Good Morning Maryland @ 9 segment on the Baltimore county version of this year’s ServeFest, including video. Heather & my girls will be volunteering w/ dozens of MCC students and adult sponsors at the Equestrian Center, and then over to MCC’s Mountain Rd campus for the ServeFest tailgate party.

Meanwhile, I’ll be attending the Metro Christian Convention in Queens NYC. Our family used to attend every year when we lived on Long Island, but I’ve not participated since we moved to Maryland five years ago. I’ll be passing along information about this year’s North American Christian Convention and Eastern Christian Convention while I’m at the Metro, as well as spending the day w/ my parents and sister – worthwhile to be sure, but another day when I would like to be in two places at once 🙂

February 22, 2010

NACC video + Lenten Luke 5

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As MCC’s senior pastor Ben Cachiaras introduced this promo video for this year’s North American Chr Conv, he said “I’ve been going to the NACC my whole life.” I can’t quite claim that, but I do enjoy the opportunity to see this year’s NACC with through the eyes of those who have not been to one before, listening to their questions, and trying to convey how the NACC is always one of the highlight of my year.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Reading Luke for Lent is proving to be a challenge for a similar reason – I’m so familiar with the text that I need to remind myself to see it with fresh eyes. With Luke 5, just in the time I’ve been @ MCC, I’ve heard Ben Cachiaras preach on “Wreck the Roof”, former teammate Kristal Dove promote Matthew (a/k/a Levi) parties, and I’ve written about Jesus’ call to Simon & his fishing partners. During this morning’s reading, because I knew the other stories in the chapter so well, I thought more about two parts of the chapter that seemed to fit w/ Lent: “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” and Jesus’ reply to the question about His disciples lack of fasting.

February 13, 2010

Tony Dungy @ North American Chr Conv

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the way Tony Dungy used the moral authority he gained in his decades-long football career to reach people-Jesus-misses-the-most, including troubled athletes who might reject more conventional Christian spokesmen. Earlier today, MCC’s senior pastor and 2010 North American Chr Convention president Ben Cachiaras updated his Facebook status “Highlight of my week: Talking on the phone to Tony Dungy! I’m excited he’s coming to the North American Christian Convention in Indy July 6-9. You should too!” I also posted about another NACC featured guest, Efrem Smith, and will be mentioning more about the NACC in the months to come – our family already has our registration in! For a glimpse of what to expect from Coach Dungy @ the NACC, here’s part of his testimony at the Super Bowl 2006 prayer breakfast:

February 2, 2010

Beyond Racial Zones

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. . . will be one of the 2010 North American Christian Convention program events, featuring speaker Efrem Smith of Sanctuary Covenant Church in Minneapolis MN.  He was recently interviewed about Sanctuary Covenant’s community and multiracial impact.

MCC senior pastor Ben Cachiaras recently wrote:

Mountain is committed to being a place where faith in Christ is shared across racial lines. A place where everyone is welcome. We are a people who will do more than shake our heads in dismay at the problems; we will be part of the solution. That’s part of our DNA. If you’re part of this church, I’m asking you to think about what you are doing to break down racial walls and build bridges of trust and friendship.

You can start this week by walking across the room to speak to, acknowledge, honor, lift up, or go out of your way to be friendly to someone who is not like you in color or culture.

July 16, 2008

All one in Christ Jesus

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“for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:27-28

Some Mountain Christian Church folks attended Dudley Rutherford’s NACC presentation on diversity in the congregation he serves, Shepherd of the Hills Church. This energized the already-present desire among MCC’s leadership to reach more disciples by becoming better disciples by genuinely welcoming those from different cultural, racial, socio-economic backgrounds.

In the Spirit’s providence, the very next week, MCC’s Student Ministry, led by Matt Silver and Jenna Howell and some great volunteers (including my wife Heather), guided our 8th & 9th graders through a Short Term Mission trip. In partnership w/ Youthworks, many of the students (including my daughter Olivia), came to a deeper understanding of the race-based sins of the past, and the need to become better disciples in reaching & connecting w/ others across all barriers, the way Jesus did. Heather & Olivia told me about learning the story of civil rights leader Fred Shuttlesworth, seeing the tragically historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, and meeting and hearing the “Yay God” life testimony of Stephen Manyama and Family
Life Center.

As Olivia & I talked about the trip, I asked, “now that all this happened, what would you like to do?” – a tough question to turn around on myself…

July 10, 2008

NACC: better disciples and Bible tools

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More NACC take-aways from disciples a step or ten ahead of me in walking w/ the Word:

Chatted w/ Jon Weatherly (friend and NT professor @ Cincinnati Christian University) about his blog – check this recent post about free resources available from Institute for Christian Research, one of which is his lectures on Introduction to the Gospels.

As an example of the “making connections” that happens at gatherings like the NACC, MCC teammate and co-blogger Ethan Magness mentioned ICR director & Ozark Christian College NT professor Mark Moore’s How to Read and Study the Bible (soon to be available to MCC small group leaders via our Adult Small Groups resource library).

I also had the privilege of sitting next to Bruce Shields at the European Evangelistic Society Walker Lectures breakfast (thanks to my host MCC lead pastor Ben Cachiaras).  Bruce’s influence led Ben to prompt me to explore storying as teaching method for MCC small groups.

These connections were just a fraction of the many at the NACC – no wonder it’s titled The Connecting Place.

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