July 9, 2008

Dangerously Transforming the World

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At last week’s North American Chr Conv, Wed PM speaker Ajai Lall (preached @ MCC in the past ) spoke passionately about the our “Dangerous Call”, especially highlighting our brothers & sisters around the world suffering persecution. And then last Sunday in our Cook Auditorium venue, Rob Kastens (who will be making a Short Term Mission trip to work alongside Central India Chr Mission later this year) prayed for those around the world who don’t have the same freedom to worship that we Americans have prized since July 4, 1776.

This spring Mountain committed to Transform the World – and we’re doing it w/ prayers, dollars, and people: Short Term Missions for adults and students (Dominican Republic July 18-26) AND Mountain folks going long-term like Sandy & Valerie Lamm. MCC’s partnership in the Dominican Republic takes another step forward because they answered the Spirit’s “dangerous call.”


July 8, 2008

NACC take-away: tech tips + blog

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A friend jokingly posted on my Facebook Wall “teach me oh lord (small “l”) of the internet” – suffice to say I am not nearly that net-savvy. One of the many blessings of the North American Chr Conv is interacting w/ those who are a step or two ahead of me in different walks, including using tech for ministry.  I’ve added Chris Blair’s blog to my blog-roll, check his site for material from his two workshops – you probably know someone (net-newbie-parent of net-savvy-adolescent?) who could benefit from Virus, SPAM and Porn Oh My!

July 2, 2008

NACC-08 Dangerous Group resources p2 links

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a few equipping sites

NACC 08 presenter Michael Mack’s smallgroups.com and Christianity Today’s small groups ministry section are good places to start.

languageofbelonging.com by Joseph Myers, author of 2 of the workshop recommended books.

Willow Creek Association’s group life site including the REVEAL finding Jon mentioned

Aptly titled whydidntyouwarnme.com by Pat Sikora, author of a book from Standard’s series on small group ministry, which includes Dan Lentz’s Let’s Get Started: How to Begin Your Small Groups Ministry. Dan is also director @ smallgroups.com

a few curriculum sites

Groupcurriculum.org Northpoint’s curriculum recommendations, but more than just their own material

Standard Publishing’s Life on Loan is a good church-wide campaign, and Faith Cafe captures some of the flavor of the popular Nooma series. Standard also offers the On Demand Bible Studies series by NACC 08 presenter Bob Russell, who also coauthors College Press’ 3:16 study on Titus with Rusty Russell.

UPDATE: pursuit.org, which generously sponsored our workshop, has some quality church-wide campaign material like the Why? Pursuing Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions series (used by Parkview & Mountain) and the hot off the press Deadly Viper: Character Assassins series, especially useful for men’s groups.

a few church databases

People Driven Software PDS (used by MCC) (web-based)

Others: Nspire (formerly used by MCC)


fellowshiptech (web-based)

CCB (web-based)

a few web communication resources

Facebook web 2.0 social networking for two-way communication w/ many people simultaneously

Google documents free resource to share Excel-compatible spreadsheets for record keeping

July 1, 2008

NACC08 “Dangerous Small Groups” resources p1

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Along w/ Jon Zabrocki (Community Life Director @ Parkview Christian Church Orland Park, IL) , I’m leading a North American Chr Convention workshop on “Dangerous Groups: Shaping Church Environments for Life-Changing Relationships.” I’ll be posting resources and links from the workshop – here’s the printed handout we’re using:NACC 08 Dangerous Groups printed handout

Here’s the powerpoint presentation:  NACC 08 Dangerous Groups powerpoint

August 30, 2007

Minister & Spouse Retreat

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Thanks to gracious and anonymous circumstances, Heather & I attended the NACC Minister & Spouse Retreat last week.  My program highlight was the music of 2 or More, but I also connected w/ Ryan Dobson‘s 2nd main session presentation.  In some ways, he was “preaching to the choir,” but some times I appreciate a grace-sprinkled pep talk about truth-speaking-to-controversial-issues AND the way he wove his personal story into his advocacy.

July 13, 2007

Why I’ve finally started blogging

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Family (Patrick Gerber) and friends (Pat Rock) have been blogging for a while, and co-worker Ethan Magness started a somewhat-MCC-work-related blog recently, but my “tipping point” was Arron Chambers workshop Blogging, Enewsletters, and Podcasting @ the 07 NACC. I wanted to offer a blog as a follow-up to my workshop on Databases and Websites, and chatting w/ Arron before & after his workshop, I role-model “taking the leap” in a tech area in which I had been interested but not active.

July 12, 2007

Personal favorite from NACC

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I had posted which NACC presentation best applied to my ministry (in the task / team sense), but the one that sticks w/ me was Alan Ahlgrim’s “It’s Time to Listen Up!”

He boldly talked about hearing God’s voice – not merely in the not-simply-through-reading-the-Bible-or-counsel-from-Christians way, but specific prompting to act. My personality and background makes me inherently skeptical, but his message was a challenging though-provoker.

July 11, 2007

Technology the double-edged sword “Handle With Care!”

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I just led a tech-related workshop @ the NACC, partly because I’ve long been interested in how to use tech to make better-more disciples. Two articles, not in contradiction, but different perspectives: Is Video Technology in Church Manipulative? and How iPods Are Changing Church.

July 8, 2007

Back home

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NACC 07 was a challenging blessing, but I’m glad to be home. Favorite moment was learning new worship song based on old hymn “Come Thou Fount.” Great session speakers (audio from Christian Audio Tapes), w/ Jim Putman‘s on Wed PM having the most direct application to MCC’s Better Disciples Team / Adult Small Groups.

July 5, 2007

Links for NACC 2007 workshop

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Using Databases and Websites to Enhance Your Ministry NACC 2007 Kansas City – “It’s Time”

some church databases

NACC exhibitor People Driven Software PDS (used by MCC)

Others: Nspire (formerly used by MCC)

ACS (used by ENCC)


fellowshiptech (web-based)

CCB (web-based)

some church website designers

NACC exhibitors: faithhighway churchwebworks

Others: Forministry (free from American Bible Society)

churchsitecreator (formerly used by MCC, subsidiary of Christianity Today)

1and1 (used by MCC)

Internet Evangelism Day has many resources and suggestions for church websites

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