April 4, 2011

Team means together

Posted in culture, school at 11:59 PM by alexlozada

The last few months, I’ve been teamed with a Mountain Christian School student Mark P in MCS’s “Pass the Baton” mentoring program. For those who know me, no surprise that we’ve worked on projects that combine sports stories and  technology as discipleship tools 🙂 Our latest effort is the powerpoint “Play Together or …”

We started the project before the just ended NCAA “March Madness” Men’s Div I basketball tournament. Neither Mark nor I had much success with our brackets 😉 but all along, we discussed the importance of working together, not trying for individual glory. The championship game wasn’t “classic” but when the star of the winning team didn’t play well, the team together played defense and just enough offense to win.

“Our Pass the Baton” student-pastor mentoring team is ending in a few weeks 😦 but I’m grateful for his help in projects like researching International Disaster Emergency Services and Monvee.com, and picking new resources for MCC’s adult small groups.