October 23, 2016

Like an Elephant on the Loose!

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In the spirit of #UnleashLoveMCC Here, There, and Everywhere, Luke Erickson reminded us that “We are all the results of someone else’s “everywhere.” More message highlights from Tweets, and the YouVersion-Bible.com Event notes.

October 18, 2016

Philippines in the not-so-good news

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Sigh — when the land of my birth makes the American news, its mostly natural disasters or manmade crises. Last month’s Typhoon Meranti (a/k/a Ferdie in the Philippines), a recent increase in ISIS related activity through the local Abu Sayyaf Group. and ongoing tensions among the Philippines, China, and the US are three more melancholy examples …

October 16, 2016

Like A River Running Wild

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Ben Cachiaras continued MCC’s fall alignment series Unleash Love speaking about the ways that God’s Unleashed Love in us is “Like a River Running Wild” — including a river whitewater canoeing story. Check the YouVersion-Bible.com Event notes for Gaulley River pics, and message quotes from Twitter:

October 11, 2016

Instagramming Unleash Love

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I’m a late adopter on Instagram, trailing after my young adult daughters. I’m much more written words than images, but I did use it for last December’s MCC staff party. Thanks to the envelope-stretching initiative of MCC’s Creative team, led by James Ballard, we’re increasing our social media reach. For Unleash Love, I’ll push myself to post to Instagram (and shared from there to Facebook and Twitter) — but combining words from the daily readings with occasional pics.instagram-alexlozada4-161011

October 10, 2016

Unleash Love

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MCC’s Unleash Love campaign started with Ben Cachiaras message this weekend. You can download resources for the entire campaign from unleashlovemcc.org, including the campaign booklet (both personal daily readings and group study guides), group teaching videos, and more. All the weekend messages will be posted to MCC’s YouTube channel, along w/ each week’s YouVersion-Bible.com Event notes.

October 3, 2016

God’s Frat Party – Pi

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MCC Edgewood campus pastor Luke Erickson spoke on worship – in Koine Greek proskuneo = the letter Pi π as the conclusion to MCC’s God’s Frat Party series. YouVersion-Bible.com Event notes and quote below are supplements to watching the full message (video below starts w/ an embedded video promor for the upcoming Unleash Love initiative)

October 1, 2016

MCC worship on Spotify

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Though this isn’t a recording of the songs as led by the MCC worship teams on a given weekend, if you’re a Spotify user, you can listen to the songs we’ll be singing ahead of time. Or after the message (only) is posted on YouTube, listen along w/ the message to get a better “feel”

September 29, 2016

Campus ministry

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When my MCC staff team leader and friend Nathan McDade spoke last weekend, he mentioned Georgia Tech Christian Campus Fellowship as a catalyst in the spiritual journey of a not-yet-believing friend, and in his own journey in Christ-like serving. My oldest nephew also experienced a aimilar life-trajectory-change through Penn State Cru. Though my two older daughters have both followed the footsteps of my wife and I to Cincinnati Christian University, Nathan’s testimony shows how the Spirit continues to move in the lives of collegians at faith-based colleges and at secular universities!

September 27, 2016

God’s Frat Party – Delta

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MCC Bel Air campus pastor Nathan McDade continued our revisit of God’s Frat Party with doulos – Koine Greek for servant or slave (letter Δ delta) Pair of Nathan’s memorable quotes below, and my favorite longer illustration is from the thirty-seven minute mark in the message, as he reflects on his Georgia Tech days and the difference between worldly fraternities and the servant-hearted Jesus followers in GTCCF campus ministry “I consider it one of the greatest honors of my life and one of the highest and holiest moments that I got to hold the towel for him on the day of his baptism.”

and the YouVersion-Bible.com Event notes

September 21, 2016

Online campus in the news

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As MCC gets closer to public beta for its online campus, a Cincinnati-area megachurch made the business pages for its spending for Crossroads Anywhere. Though our family will visit middle daughter at Cincinnati Christian University in few weeks, we’re probably not worshipping with Crossroads at any of its six in-person campuses, or online. Even away from Harford Co, I’m still “on duty” during the beta test as our team works through some glitches😉

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