August 26, 2012

What Makes You So Sure There Even Is A God?

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Mountain started a new message series  Sorry Glad You Asked: Questions Christians Hope No Someone Will Ask with Ben Cachiaras answering the question “What makes you so sure there even is a God in the first place?” Here is the discussion guide for the message, and here is some additional reading for those who want dig deeper.


August 21, 2012

3:16s of the Bible

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As Ethan pointed out in his rap, there are plenty of 3:16s (a book’s third chapter, sixteenth verse) in the Bible. Our teaching team highlighted four of the most potent:

John 3:16 Luke Erickson 28-29 July (message guide)

Colossians 3:16 Ethan Magness (Mountain Rd campus) and Luke Erickson (Bel Air campus) 4-5 August (message guide)

Revelation 3:16 Ben Cachiaras (message guide)

1 John 3:16 Rob Kastens (message guide)