June 29, 2015

Crazy Poor

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Luke Erickson opened MCC’s Crazy Eights summertime series on Jesus’ Beautitudes from Sermon on the Mount with this message on “Crazy Poor.” Here’s the YouVersion Event and here is a study guide for groups (also useable for individuals).



June 23, 2015

Getting a Grip on Fatherhood

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Ben Cachiaras concluded our Love Handles series with a message that encourages fathers, and all of us, “It doesn’t matter where your feet have been, it matters where your feet are headed.” Study guide here, and some follow up humor to last week’s message on the potential pitfalls for social media overload from three funny MCC fathers:

So I come off after speaking on the dangers of social media to find these knuckleheads. So I’m posting it. They are my #friends. @eric_olson_

A photo posted by Ben Cachiaras (@bencachiaras) on Jun 14, 2015 at 9:48am PDT


June 15, 2015

Getting a Grip On Friendship

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Ben Cachiaras taught about the importance of the right kind of friendships in shaping our spiritual paths, including cautioning about replacing geniune personal relationships with social media. This is an especially important reminder to readers of this blog that online tech is a tool for us, not the master of us … This is this week’s study guide.


June 7, 2015

Getting a Grip On Divorce

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love-handles-dashboardNathan McDade continued the “Love Handles” series by opening his message with the self-disclosure that he is the “model” for the series logo [much congregational applause for his humble transparency] 🙂

Here are the Bible.com-YouVersion Event notes and message-based study guide.

June 4, 2015

looking at Evangelicals through non-US eyes

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From two different socio-political perspectives, reflections on Christ-followers who are doing “more and better”

Peter Berger focuses on Germany “Are Evangelicals Winning the World” Noteworthy that Berger changed the title of the Der Speigel article on which he’s commenting — the original German is apparently “are Evangelicals conquering the world” (not even a novice in German, I will take Berger’s word on it)

Earlier this year, Pulitzer prize winning columnist (and Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit speaker) Nicholas Kristof posted this positive look at Christian charity, “A Little Respect for Dr Foster”, in the op-ed section of the NY Times, not normally a forum for pro-Christian views.