May 31, 2014

Spoke and Hub

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spoke-hub    Continuing the revised format of publishing the week BEFORE the weekend message, here’s a working draft of the study guide (for groups or individuals) for next weekend’s “Spoke and Hub.” Ben Cachiaras talked about picturing life as a bicycle wheel with hub and spokes. He contrasts the difference between

  • a Wheel Without God (theme song “I Did It My Way”)
  • a Wheel With God As a Spoke
  • a Wheel With God as the Hub

May 20, 2014

NT Rewind (draft)

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In keeping with positive response from the format of the Story church-wide alignment, I’ll be publishing a working draft of the group (or individual) guide for Mountain Christian Church’ s weekend messages on the Monday before the message. MCC folks liked the schedule of discussing the weekly “homework” (Bible reading) before they heard the weekend message. Download the adult guide here.


This coming weekend, MCC will do a NT Rewind — reviewing the stories of the New Testament with a kid-friendly twist. This weekend’s services are designed for families (elementary school age children and older) to come together. The worship, message, and specials will highlight some of the people and techniques in MCC’s Mount Kidmore program.