November 13, 2008

Persecution made personal

Posted in cross cultural mission at 6:24 PM by alexlozada

On both my trips to the Thai-Burma border, I’ve met Christians who understand what Jesus meant when He said, “If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” One of the Burmese Christian refugees helped dig a well for a Thai Bible training school.  He will probably never drink the water from that well he helped dig, because he doesn’t have UN issued papers (the UN High Commission on Refugees doesn’t come to that camp very often).  At the risk of his freedom and possibly his life, he escaped the barb-wire, check-pointed refugee camp to travel 80 kilometers to spend two back-breaking, muscle-aching days digging someone else’s well.

This article is about the preacher of one of the students taught by fellow MCC pastor John Sarno on his mission trips to Europe with TCM. I blogged earlier about MCC exec pastor Rob Kastens short term mission trip to India.  He met, worshipped with, and listened to testimonies of faithful Christians like these.

In my mind, I know plenty of statistics about the persecution of Christians, but I need to know more than facts.  I need to learn the names and faces, remember the stories, and pray.