August 25, 2015

Schooled by the Master

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In Maryland this is back to school season, and MCC is using that theme to review the basics of the our core values of Mountain Walk. Ben Cachiaras opened the series with a school-memories jump rope contest as part of his message “Schooled by the Master.” For more details from the message, check the Live notes, and the quote Tweets below.


August 8, 2015

Myanmar meets Harford

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“Myanmar team” dinner with R_ M_ visiting from Piedmont International University, pursuing PhD New Testament to eventually return to Mandalay, Myanmar to teach next generation Christian leaders, primarily tribal. R_ mentioned influx into Mandalay region of ethnic Chinese from Yunnan province. To protect R’s work in Myanmar, no pics of our dinner at Abingdon Fortunato’s — but even more than the tasty food, this was breaking bread together and hearing of those the Lord is adding to the saved.