August 31, 2007

Decisions Made at Church Camp

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I’ve heard a just little bit about Ben Cachiaras’ decision to enter vocational Christian service: happened at “last chance” church camp when his grandfather was speaking. I’m guessing the term “last chance” applies to end of summer, or maybe it meant graduating seniors?

Mine was an after-last-chance-because-God-doesn’t-give-up decision to “accept the call” or “enter full-time Christian ministry”, made at Catskill Christian Assembly at the end of a high school week, two years AFTER I had graduated high school (I was serving the kitchen, NOT cooking but assisting – that story is for another post some time).

I didn’t attend Christ In Youth conferences or other large-venue events because they weren’t any affiliated w/ my non-denominational denomination in the Northeast US, but I do wonder if smaller youth gatherings are more likely to stir young people’s hearts because there is closer connection-relationships w/ the full-timers/professionals who are leading the program?


Vocational, Professional, Full-Time, Paid?

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I remember when church camps, youth rallies, youth conventions, etc. used to issue invitations (“altar calls”?) at the end of worship services, and one of the invitations was for full-time Christian service, i.e. to go into the paid, “professional” ministry.  I think I noticed that the term “full-time Christian service” fell out of use, at least in my hearing range (admittedly limited because I’m hearing impaired).  Do they use any term these days to describe someone choosing to “go into the ministry”?

August 30, 2007

Are Homosexual Relationships Sinful?

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The Gay Christian Network website has the most thought-filled and grace-filled debate on this topic that I’ve read thus far. I align w/ Ron’s essay, but even in disagreement, I respect Justin’s presentation.

Minister & Spouse Retreat

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Thanks to gracious and anonymous circumstances, Heather & I attended the NACC Minister & Spouse Retreat last week.  My program highlight was the music of 2 or More, but I also connected w/ Ryan Dobson‘s 2nd main session presentation.  In some ways, he was “preaching to the choir,” but some times I appreciate a grace-sprinkled pep talk about truth-speaking-to-controversial-issues AND the way he wove his personal story into his advocacy.

I’m not o.k. – You’re not o.k.

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More borrowed from Joe Carter:

“Regrettably, far too many conservative Christians tend to overemphasize the sin of homosexuality while overlooking the more common and equally nefarious sins of pride, greed, envy, lust, etc., that we heterosexuals are more prone to commit. Recognizing that we have a log in our own eye, however, should not prevent us from denouncing homosexual sins…”

I struggle w/ unrighteous anger & temper (among several other crippling sins). I need to be submitting the Spirit’s transformative power in me AND also be a truth-speaker about the life-and-death need for the Spirit’s transformative power in the lives of other eternal souls around me.

Evangelical Outpost on truth speaking and reaching

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Another blogging influence because of his challenging, graciously confrontational and well-researched writing is Joe Carter. This quote captures some of the balancing of truth-speaking-call-to-change-way-we-live AND love for the people Jesus loved.

“Our hearts should break for those who are caught up in such a dehumanizing and degrading conduct. If we want to show love for our neighbors–including Sen. Craig–then we must not only refuse to condone homosexual behavior but show them the path that leads away from sin and death. We need to show them that the love and fulfillment they are searching for can only be found in Christ—not in stalls of a toilet.”

Am I showing the people around me the love and fulfillment of Christ = “reaching”?

August 28, 2007

Upcoming Documentary on Christians and Homosexuality

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I’m curious about the For the Bible Tells Me So, trying to not jump to conclusions based on the summary. As I find out more, I’ll probably blog about balancing love & grace in reaching out to love the people Jesus loved AND truth & life-change-growing along the walk as a Jesus follower.


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Because I’m someone who likes to plan and control, I struggle w/ submitting my “vision” for the future w/ God’s will / plan = revelation / vision from him (chazown). The vision (KJV) missing in Proverbs 29:18 is the (supernatural?) revelation from the Spirit, not my outline / flow chart / wish list. When I talk about future ministry, I too often forget James 4.

August 26, 2007

Why I Haven’t Publicized My Blog

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In partial answer to Pat Rock’s comment, because I’m a perfectionist (hi-C in DiSC /or/ INTP-J in Myers-Briggs /or/ Architect in Keirsey Temperament Sorter) and I didn’t want to draw people until I thought it was “ready” or “useful” 🙂

Why I Stopped Blogging for a Month

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Laziness – that spread from my work (and thus getting behind on work projects) to blogging – <frustrated sigh>

But I’m excited that my work teammate has started a ministry-related blog The Walk that he & I will co-edit (he’s doing the heavy lifting). It’s especially designed for adult small group leaders and coaches @ Mountain Christian Church.

So check out