November 5, 2012

Ben C: What You Should Vote

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In the opening of the Mountain weekend message, “Let Me Tell You How You Should Vote,” Ben Cachiaras emphasized that he was NOT going to tell the congregation for whom – particular candidate(s) – they should, but how – platform of Bible-based principles. He did share an e-note before Maryland’s election on Ballot Question 6. You can read his e-note for yourself…. Oh you’re asking “how” I voted on Question 6? Those who know us realize that Ben & I practice “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, love.” In non-essentials like favorite sports teams, we look very different 😉 On Maryland Ballot Question 6 (likewise a non-essential!), the (early) vote I cast last Friday looks like what he opined.


November 4, 2012

Ben C: Let Me Tell You How You Should Vote

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logo Let Me Tell You How You Should Vote 2012

Let Me Tell You How You Should Vote 2012

Ben Cachiaras took on the controversial topic of Christ-follower voting in this weekend’s message, aptly titled “Let Me Tell You How You Should Vote.” This is the link for message-based discussion guide.

For more resources on this topic, Alex Absalom followed up on the post I mentioned earlier with his “Four Principles For Christian Political Thinking.” My teammate Kelly Kastens posted another thought-provoking election-related tweet linking an article by pastor Mark Schloneger.

November 3, 2012

Storm Relief NYC trip #1

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I’m still a little behind on sleep after a hectic last two days:

  • getting a physical for MD Dept of Transportation to drive a box truck
  • early voting for this year’s election (keeping in mind MCC’s message this weekend on voting)
  • speaking at MCC’s Celebrate Recovery Fri PM on recovery step of “Gratitude” (very appropriate for the season)
  • helping load two box trucks and two pickups filled with relief supplies
  • mapping route for our relief convoy – including trying to find open gas stations along the way 😉
  • 11p departure from MCC
  • by-pass a NJ gas station that was open but had a 40-50 vehicle waiting line!!!
  • arrive at St Jacobi Lutheran in Brooklyn
  • unload – took much longer because we only had our own team (8 drivers and co-drivers), the community relief organization coordinator, and two other guys who showed up under “unusual circumstances.”
  • Drive back to MD – finally arriving back at around 8a at Mountain Christian Church – hacing my first experience (safely! no damage!) driving the box truck loaned by one of MCC’s generous members.

Here’s Tom Moen’s video of the community org guy and some footage of the relief supplies distribution center a/k/a church basement. I’ll have more reflections to come, especially since I’m part of another trip departing Monday – more info from Ben Cachiaras’ blog post.

November 1, 2012

NYC storm aftermath and MCC Milligan interns

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Two weeks ago, I took six MCC interns from the Milligan Semester in Ministry program to visit NYC. They enjoyed the sight-seeing, like some family favorites I showed them (Central Park, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Ellen’s Stardust Diner, etc.), but my primary emphasis was connecting them with NYC church planters. Limited by the clock, we could only squeeze in four meetings (and meals!) with friends in some of the most recent Orchard Group church plants, including Everyday Church (of course – my sis-in-law and bro-in-law are part of the team! and “best-selling” author Chris Travis) and Forefront Brooklyn (newest OG plant, led by “we’ve known each other a long time but we’ll pretend we’re not that old” Jonathan Williams).

Midtown lights Downtown dark after superstorm Sandy

Midtown lights Downtown dark after superstorm Sandy

During lunch today, I reminded them about our trip – and highlighted two points: some of the places we saw had been deluged by superstorm Sandy, and the church teams we met were in the forefront (pun intended) of relief work.

“Say what you want about religion, but NYC churches are leading the way in #sandy relief efforts” – Lane Wood’s Twitter

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 (NIV)