June 24, 2012

Between Iraq & a Hard Place – Daniel 1

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Ben Cachiaras started a new message series “Between Iraq & a Hard Place: Life Lessons From Daniel”. Here’s a guide to accompany this week’s message, “Do the Right Thing” – the first chapter of Daniel. MCC has also publicly launching its YouVersion “Live Event” (message Bible verses and notes) – here’s this week’s and here’s the archive of past messages. Readers of this blog might remember the beta-testing back in February 🙂


June 19, 2012

Group Guide – NT Word Study “Peace”

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As the Harford – N Baltimore Christian Church / Church of Christ preacher Tue study lunches winds down for the summer, I presented my draft of a small group word study guide for “peace.” My fellow ministers gave their enthusiastic thumbs-up to the material, but echoed the point I made that the direction and take-aways for the small group depend on which of the topics they choose. Though they suggested I scale back the possible “peace” topics, I’m posting the full (albeit draft) version; AND I welcome email or blog comment from anyone wanting my suggestions for their specific group or situation.

June 17, 2012

Great Expectations: Dads, Let God Rock Your World

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Luke Erickson concluded the Great Expectations relationships series talking to dads about being more godly fathers, and to everyone about God’s calls to nurturing the next generation, many of whom are growing up without godly fathers. You can view or download the message guide, or see this week’s YouVersion.com “Live Event” notes.

June 10, 2012

Great Expectations: When Your World is Rocked by the Aging and Death of a Parent

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Though Luke Erickson spoke at MCC Bel Air, and Ben Cachiaras at MCC Mountain Rd, the heart of the weekend came from the real life stories of caring for aging parents and grieving their passing from MCC members Joann Blewett, Kelly Kastens, and Andy Baker. This week’s guide offers the Bible references and useful discussion questions from the message, but to get the fuller impact of Joann, Kelly, and Andy’s stories, check the Great Expectations audio or video archives.

June 3, 2012

Great Expectations: Let God Rock the Rest of Your Life

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Ben Cachiaras continued MCC’s Great Expectations series by challenging us to move our trajectory from success (as the world defines it) to significance. Here is a guide to accompany the message.

MCC gave away copies of Bob Buford’s book Halftime after the weekend messages – this link is to the expanded edition hardcover, different than the ones given by MCC. Here are  more details about the Halftime organization.